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Coming to Royal Ha Long, international guests can visit the Royal International Club (Casino) for foreigners. With 18 tables and 62 machines, you can enjoy an exciting entertainment space. The Royal International Club promises to bring a lively entertainment destination for foreigners in Vietnam and international tourists around the world.



In a Baccarat card game, either the Player’s hand or the Banker’s hand wins when the total points of cards dealt to each hand reach a higher score and the highest score is 9 points. The dealing rules (Tableau) will not be changed and no decision is required by the Player.
Royal International Club

How to play?

The first 2 cards will be dealt to each of Banker and Player by the dealer. Depending on the total number of points on each side and the dealing rules (Tableau), the dealer will deal the third card to the Player or the Banker or both sides or not.

In addition to the main bets of Player’s and Banker’s hand, it can be placed a bet on Tie, Pairs Player, Pairs Banker and Super Six (tax is not included in banker’s hand and payout odds of 11 to 1).

Bets must be placed before the dealer indicates No More Bets and starts the round.
Scratch cards is not taxed: Winning bets on the Player’s and the Banker’s hands will be paid equal to the bet amount. But in the event that the Banker wins with 6 points, the winning bet will be paid for only half of the bet.

Additional bets:

  • Tie Bet will win when the round result is a tie (The Total scores of the Player and the Banker are equal) and will be paid 8 times the bet amount.
  • Bet on Pairs Player or Pairs Banker will win when the first 2 cards are the same cards (Same suits are not required) and will be paid 11 times the bet amount.

For more details on the game of Baccarat at Royal International Club, please ask any employee in charge of the Baccarat table.

Rules for the Player

Be dealt with 1 more card
Be not dealt with more cards
Be not dealt with more cards

Rules for the House

Be dealt with 1 more card
Be not dealt with more cards
Be not dealt with more cards

Payoff table

Banker winning wager will be paid out at the odds of 19 to 20. This 5% Commission can be paid by the player in full or in part and is collected before the payment is paid out. For example: The dealer will say “Bet is $10,000, pay $9,500”, get $500 Commission.

Plus bet:

  • Wagers on Tie will win at odds of 8 to 1 if the Banker’s and Player’s hand are equal, and lose if the points are not equal.
  • In addition, a player can place a bet on the Pairs on either Banker’s or Player’s hand. A hand is considered a Pairs if the first two cards of one side form a pair (two cards of the same value, regardless of color or trick/suit, for example J and Q are not a Pairs but J and J are a Pairs. Each winning bet is paid out at the odds of 11 to 1
Royal International Club with a range of table for guests


Roulette is a game with a ball spinning on a wheel consisting of 37 compartments. Each compartment displays a number from 0 – 36. There are 18 numbers in black color and 18 numbers in red color which are arranged alternately in the wheel. The number 0 is in green color and is treated like other numbers.
Royal International Club


  • Cash chips and color chips are both used in roulette.
  • Cash chips can be redeemed at the table or at the cashier.
  • Playing color chips will distinguish different players on the same table and
  • color chips will be valid only on that standalone board.
  • When changing color chips, different players will be exchanged for different colors on the same game board.
  • The nominal value of chips will normally be the minimum bet value on the game table. But Color Chips can also be redeemed for a higher denomination upon request.
  • Color chips must be exchanged for Cash Chips at the end of a game or when transferred to another game table.
  • Cash chips are accepted at any gaming table in the casino area.

For more details on the game of Roulette at Royal International Club, please ask any employee in charge of the Roulette table.

How to play?

  • Use Chips to bet on any independent number or combination of numbers that you consider lucky on the game board.
  • The game operator will help you place bets on the numbers on the table if requested and you must ensure that the bets are placed as required.
  • The game operator will hit the ball on the wheel.
  • At this time you can still place bets until the game operator make signals to no longer place.
  • After the ball falls on one of the numbers on the wheel, the game operator announces the winning number and places a dolly on the middle number on the game board.
  • Winning bets are retained on the game table for settlement after the game operator has collected lost bets.

Payout table

Straight bet
Put a single number including 0
Separate bet
Place 2 adjacent numbers on the table
Bet 3 numbers
Bet 3 numbers in the same row
Corner bet
Place 4 adjacent numbers on the table
Bet 4 initial numbers
Bet 4 numbers (0,1,2 and 3)
Bet 6 numbers
Place 6 adjacent numbers on the table
Betting column
Bet on groups of 12 consecutive numbers
Include 3 betting areas in which the base consists of 12 numbers


Blackjack is one of the most popular games in card casinos around the world, a game that is easy to play and enticing players with lots of challenges. The objective of the game is to beat the Banker by drawing decisions to get a total score close to 21, avoiding exceeding 21 to survive in the round. A hand where the first 2 cards contain 1 an Ace and a 10 card is a Blackjack hand, but if there are 2 above cards after splitting, it will only count as 21 points.
Royal Internatinal Club

How to play?

Bets must be placed before the dealer indicates No More Bets and starts to deal: 2 cards to Player and 1 card to Banker.

Depending on the card value, the Player has the following options:

  • Hit: When the score is not large enough to win the Banker. There is no limit to the number of cards added until the desired score is reached, but bets will lose when the score exceeds 21.
  • Stand: Do not draw any more cards when the point is big enough and the dealer will continue to hand the next bet.
  • Double down: It is possible to double the bet on the first 2 cards by placing an additional stake equal to the original bet, and then each hand will have the same options as above. Maximum 4 hands can be split from 1 original hand, but splitting for double Ace is accepted once only.
  • Insurance: The Player is made insurance when the Banker’s first card is an
  • Ace and the premium is doubled when the Banker has Blackjack. The maximum sum covered will be half of the card’s bet.

For more details on the game of  Blackjack at Royal International Club, please ask any employee in charge of the Blackjack table.

Payoff table

  • Winning Insurance bets are paid out at the odds of 2 to 1 and will be settled at the end of the round
  • At the end of the First Deal and before drawing for the Next Round, if the player has Blackjack and the first cards of Banker do not contain 10 or Ace card then player will immediately be paid for that bet at odds of 3 to 2.


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