Question and answer



1. When will the company recruit?

Recruitment is an ongoing process; specific schedules are as follows:

  • For the newly graduated students: we often conduct interviews twice in a year. The first recruitment is in May and June; the second recruitment is in November and December.
  • For professional technical skill, we open recruitment throughout the year according to the needs of the company.
  • For experienced candidates, we also recruit throughout the year based on the needs of the company

2. When will the candidate know the interview results?

After sending CV online successfully, HR Department will contact the appropriate CVs which are suitable for vacant positions. After one week, HR department will inform the results to candidates.

3. If failing to pass the first interview, can I participate in the next interview?

You need to return the application page and updated your CV for the next interview.

4. To be hired how many rounds of interview I have to go through?

The Company recruitment process and examination consists 3 rounds, applies to all positions (except for some excellent skills):

  • Selection Profile
  • First interview
  • Second interview

5. How many interviews are there in a month? After submission, when will a CV be considered?

RIC doesn’t have monthly fixed recruitment, it depends on-demand of subordinate units. Recruitment information will be continuously updated on this website.

Time to consider the profile depends on the deadline, usually from 1 to 2 weeks.

6. Any fee for job application, recruitment and entrance interview?

No fees are required for the above mentioned.

7. What should applications include?

Profile including:

* Soft profile: Online application form and guidance of the RIC

* Hard profile:

  • Curriculum vitae with certification of local ward /commune with validation within 06 months
  • Notarized birth certificate
  • Stamped health certificate with validation within 12 months
  • Notarized ID (02 copies)
  • Photocopy of Household Book
  • 4 photos 3 * 4
  • Qualifications/Certificates
  • Personal tax identification number (if applicable)
  • Insurance Number (if available)


  • Write your name, recruitment code, e-mail, contact phone number on the cover of your CV.
  • If you have worked somewhere else, please mention your previous company, phone and email of direct person in charge.
  • Please bring you ID card with you when interview with us.